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    Visual Studio Like IDE for AS?

    Daticus Level 1
      I don't like feeding the big green monster (microsoft) more than I have to but I think Macromedia (adobe?) should make programming with action script more like programming in visual studio 2005. I program for fun and to be honest, its not that fun when you use a plain text editor or the run of the mill IDE; But then I started to learn Visual Basic 2005 (started with the express edition) and I have to admit, Microsoft has done a very good job. Programming in VB2005 (or any visual studio language) is super easy with intelliSense (basically a really cool code completion feature of the VS2005) among other things. For that matter, why doesn't macromedia (adobe) allow multiple Action Script languages like Microsoft .net? This why they can lure the many Visual basic programmers out there to use Flash for their rich web content (instead of Ajax). This would allow more people to learn AS faster as well as get whatever task they're trying to conquer done much faster (I code really fast and error free in vs2005). Please post your thoughts on this!