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    Robohelp2015 WebHelp: Context sensitive help using URL to link to topic from online help

    mdawn0817 Level 1



      In my new job, the company has created a screen details page for every screen in the software application. To connect to help for a specific screen you enter the URL for each topic in the appropriate screen within the system. I found a excellent answer to this issue on the Forum which was very helpful.


      Background: The whole WebHelp project file will be located in a central location where all customers access the help, rather than the help file living locally at each location. There are two levels of help buttons in the software: one I'll be using the access the entire help project from the main page; the other icon which is on the screen itself I will use to display the screen's specific help topic.


      My question: I have created many topics before I understood how they manage the context sensitivity. If there are links to other topics when a screen-specific topic is displayed, will the links to the other topics work? Will the Back button return to the specific screen topic?


      Any recommendations for setting this up in Robohelp? I set the first module as task based and now it seems I'm moving to screen-based.


      Thanks in advance for helping me.