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    visual c++, cc not opening

    hodeks Level 1

      Hello! I've been trying to install photoshop for a day now but I keep getting the exit code 7. I went through the instructions(except the AIR one, I don't know why I would need that?) on the errors exit code 6 and 7 without any difference until I realized that visual c++'s repair option was under change   So here's where I messed up, before I discovered where the repair was, I got frustrated and just uninstalled the first visual c++ on the list hoping I could just reinstall it and it would all be fine. Nope. I uninstalled one and read that that was a big no, so I went through and repaired the ones I could.


      Now I'm not sure what visual c++ I uninstalled, but the CC won't launch now. I tried run as administrator and nothing. I can launch lightroom with no problem. I also don't have the whole original error code but it was exit code df024, exit code 7 saying there was an error with visual c++.


      Thank you in advance, I would sure appreciate it!