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    After Effects requires repeated sign in


      After Effects recently started requiring sign in repeatedly.  Sometimes the main instance will seem fine, but if we open a second instance directly from the executable within the application package, we will again get the "sign in required" window.


      This would just be a repeated annoyance, except for the fact that we are using a command-line render manager, which simply fails whenever one of our computers reverts to the "sign in required" state.  When we click "Sign In", a given computer will be fine for a while, then unexpectedly it will end up signed out again.  This sometimes happens even without a reboot, after an unpredictable amount of time.


      We have tried quitting and restarting Creative Cloud. 


      We have tried deleting the opm.db file in ~/Library/Application Support/Adobe/OOBE


      We have tried renaming ~/Library/Application Support/Adobe/SLStore to SLStore.old  and  ~/Library/Application Support/Adobe/OOBE to OOBE.old , and then rebooting and signing back in to Creative Cloud to allow these folders to get re-generated. 

      None of these attempts have prevented the issue from returning.

      Uninstalling creative cloud is something we are hoping to avoid, particularly if it will not help, since when we attempt to do this, it says that every CC app must be uninstalled first.


      We are encountering this issue on four different computers.


      Does anyone know how we can fix this issue?