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    iFrame within a sprite??

    La Bestia Level 1
      Is there a way that we can add an iFrame in a sprite. What I want to do (for a school project) I want to create a box which is where all my content will go and add a custom html page within that sprite box. Any help??
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          Not sure exactly what you need, director doesn't handle html very well
          simple text only html can be displayed in a text member.

          member("myMemberName").html = someHTMLSourceString

          An expensive add on xtra (web xtra) can get explorer to render pages
          with the director stage.

          A film loop is a container of sorts, one can copy and paste a number of
          channels to the cast, the results then fit in a single channel. Filem
          loops don't have the smarts of a flash movie clip, ifone imports an
          external director file as a linked member, it's script functionality can
          be maintained.

          An external movie can be opened in it's own window (from a projector)
          which is a box of sorts.
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            even i cant understand wht you are trying to say.
            If you just want to format the text better on stage, then you can do it in MS word or other word processor and export rtf from it. RTFs can retain most of the formatting within Director.

            It can even retain tables.
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              La Bestia Level 1
              Well, the point of the iFrame was to enclose my resume as a scrollable field. Since my resume is online on my webserver I figured I could point that iFrame to the directory to where my resume is stored and could be viewed by my employers. My resume is not short and therefore would need something that is expandible. Clearer now?
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                If you are needing to pull a page of the web, then you'll need to use
                either the built-in (PC-only) ActiveX xtra or the not free but very
                useful WebXtra. Both of those will let you basically display anything
                that can be displayed in a browser, and can pull the info off the web
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                  neekss Level 1
                  You can also use the NetLingo commands provided natively by Director.
                  It would save you money (xtras are costly), besides the WebXtra is not very successfull on both platforms (only on windows).
                  NetLingo commands can fetch you the HTML page directly and you can set the
                  HTML property of text sprites.