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    GeoffKornfeld Level 1

      I was just forwarded this article.


      Ugh. Every time I make an export of a movie I do it in 2 steps:

      1) Export from Adobe to MOV with lossless PNG compression

      2) Open that movie in QT and export it using H264 compression, since QT does a MUCH better job with H264 than Adobe.


      On the plus-side, I guess I'll be cranking out movies a bit quicker. On the minus-side, my movies will be 2-5 times larger. Unless maybe there's some software out there that can replace this process?

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          Dave LaRonde Level 6

          If you absolutely can NOT live without Quicktime, disconnect your computer from the internet when using it.  I've got so many QT's archived -- and still rely on QT -- that I'm doing that at home.


          -- OR --


          If you're not joined at the hip to QT the way I am, you can send your comp to Adobe Media Encoder to make an MP4/H.264.  It does a great job.


          So lessee here: Apple hoses Mac and FCP 7 users by blowing off the long-anticipated FCP 8 and introducing instead iMovie Pro.... um, FCPX -- and dropping FCP 7 support like a hot potato.

          Now Apple hoses Windows users by dropping support of QT for Win like a hot potato.

          Nothing like making friends!

          I guess the folks in Cupertino can now regard themselves as equal-opportunity pisser-offers.

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            Doesn't AE tell you to install quicktime or quicktime components when you first launch it?


            Is adobe going to address this?

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              Dave LaRonde Level 6

              Hey, the news just came out today.  Apple still hasn't said a peep about it.  The heads-up came from US Homeland Security, of all places!  So do you REALLY think Adobe's had time to even think about it'll do?

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                Szalam Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                You can resolve the QuickTime on Windows security vulnerability by reinstalling QT without the Player.

                1. In your add / remove programs, uninstall QT player completely.

                2. Go to the apple QT installer download page and grab the latest package for Windows

                3. During install, make sure that everything except the "critical components" is NOT installed. (Xed out). Leave the top option for install only (something like "media for third party apps" - this is the codecs only)

                4. Install as normal


                Probable that you may need to install any third party codecs, like DNxHD/HR, after this.

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                  Subash Asokan Adobe Employee (Admin)

                  Here is Adobe's official response: QuickTime on Windows | Creative Cloud blog by Adobe