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    Sharing Videos

    selondon Adobe Community Professional

      Hi, I'm still new to LR (ex-Revel user) and would like to include some videos in my Public Shared Collection for my family.



      Now, it seems this is not possible from LR Desktop and I think I understand the concept -  the shared photos are actually Smart Previews, the originals are on my Hard Drive - difficult with videos, I guess.



      I can though upload videos from iPhone to LR Mobile or Mac to LR Web (then sync back to LR Desktop). My question is though, for the future, do all videos come out of my 20GB Cloud Storage limit?  Likewise any photos I upload through LR Mobile and Web?

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          Victoria Bampton LR Queen Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          No, Lightroom uploads don't come out of your 20GB, whether they're photos or videos.


          You're correct, videos can't be uploaded from the desktop app to the cloud at the moment, but your LRM or LRWeb workarounds are the best solution for now.  Hopefully that will change in a future release.

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            selondon Adobe Community Professional

            Thanks Victoria,



            I imagine the video syncing from Desktop will happen when full high res cloud storage appears (as we were told was happening in the Revel End Of Life email).



            Still trying to get my head around Smart Previews, when they are or should be used in relating to the cloud storage limit and the originals on the hard drive. Best I do some reading!