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    Invalid Values in XML

    innerspaceouterspace Level 1

      We have been using the Final Cut Pro XML to build our pipeline around and build tools off of, and for the most part, it's been great - with one exception.
      Seemingly randomly, certain values will get set to -1 for start, end, in, and out. We can't narrow down what would be causing this, but it's causing major alignment issues down our pipeline.
      The clips are in the right spot in the timeline, everything looks normal - but for some reason, this value keeps getting messed up on the Final Cut Pro XML expo


      We didn't notice it in 2015.1 (but may not have been running into it at that point) and we're currently running on 2015.2 and it is occurring cross-platform.

      We looked into whether it was an effect causing it, or possibly a probably with linked audio - we've been looking for the cause for weeks and haven't had a single reproducible result.