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    Graphic artifacts


      Just importing video from my Phantom 3 seems to introduce some graphic artifacts. In the following split screen example, I have also added some color correction as it makes the artifacts a bit easier to see, but they are there on the raw imported video as well. On the right side in the sky, you can see several concentric circles coming from the center of the image.

      Left side is raw video from phantom before import, right side if after import and color correction.



      Forgot to mention, this is Version 12 of Elements and the video is 1920x1080

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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          What is this is a screen shot of? Is it a video output from Premiere Elements or is it the Monitor panel in Premiere Elements?


          Remember that the Monitor panel in the program is a preview only. It's not actually how your finished video is going to look.


          And if this is a video output from Premiere Elements, it could be related to the compression and bit rate of the output, etc.


          But let's make sure we're comparing apples to apples. What is this screen capture of and how does it compare to the original footage (which I assume is also 1920x1080).

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            RCNunya Level 1

            Left is raw video from the phantom, right is video output from Elements. Same res. of 1920x1080

            This was the output settings.


            On this particular one I tried to match the bitrate as much as i could to the original input to see if that made any difference and it did not.

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              Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

              It's an interesting comparison, RCN.


              Why did you output and MPEG rather than an MP4 from Premiere Elements? MPEGs are not as efficiently compressed and are often interlaced. Or am I reading your specs wrong.


              Certainly an apples to apples comparison would compare mp4s with mp4s.

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                RCNunya Level 1

                Because I don't know what I am doing.


                I see now there is an MP4 option under AVCHD. Testing that output now.

                In my head I thought AVCHD was an old video camera format, so I hadn't even looked under that.

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                  RCNunya Level 1

                  Yes, that fixed it. Thanks so much for your help.