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    Making Child Btn Independant of Parent

      I am in the process of creating a drop down menu. I have a btn drawn (btn1) on the stage that onRollOver fades in another btn (subNav1) which is being populated with XML generated text links. I can get the text links to show up but they behave as part of SubNav1. So for example, the text link background color is supposed to change onRollOver and they should take the user to a URL when clicked - they don't as long as they are nested in SubNav1. If I take them out of SubNav1 and onto the root they work fine.

      Also, all of these btns are movieClip objects.

      What is the remedy to this?

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          shyaway Level 1
          not exactly sure if i understand what you're asking correctly.

          if you have a rollover of a parent clip, anything side it that has a rollover will be override by the parent one.
          so, if you want them act independly, you can make it so the master button is also inside along with all other buttons. that way, each will respond correctly to their rollover actions.
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            speedeee Level 1
            You are understanding my problem correctly.

            Are you saying to just position the inner buttons over the master button rather than trying to actually nest them? I was hoping to use the bounds of the master btn as a sort of container but I can see how what you are suggesting can work.

            Does anyone know if this is the best way to accomplish a drop down?