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    Mac OS X Flash installer freezes at 90%.


      The Mac is on version 10.11.4 of OS X. I'm  using Safari. I can download new version, double-click, get prompted for password and install starts, but progress bar gets stuck at 90%, then after a while quits with failure. I've already tried downloading the offline installer from the Mac troubleshooting guide and the issue persists.

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          maria__ Adobe Employee



          I'll need to get some log files from you to troubleshoot further.  Please read through the FAQ Where do I find the Flash Player installation log on the Macintosh? before doing anything.  After reading through the FAQ do the following:


          1. Configure your system to generate the install.log file and FlashPlayerInstallManager.log file
          2. Use the offline installer to generate new logs for the install attempt
          3. When the installation hangs close the installer
          4. Copy the contents of the install.log file to a text file.
          5. Upload the install.log and FlashPlayerInstallManager.log file to cloud.acrobat.com/send
            1. Launch browser and navigate to cloud.acrobat.com/send
              • if you're not already logged in using your AdobeID you'll be prompted to do so
            2. Either click the Add Files button in the upper right, or drag and drop the files into the field in the center of the page
            3. After adding both files, click the Create Link button
            4. Post the link to the uploaded files in your reply