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    Can a project be compressed if too large ?


      I have a video project that is 1hour 12min long. It is 11 GB in size. Can that be burned onto a DVD of 4.7 GB ?

      A Best Buy techie advised me it can be compressed but I see nowhere on Elements 8 where to do that . . . . . Frustrated.

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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          You can fit about 70-80 minutes of video on a DVD disc.


          It doesn't matter how large your file is now. The program will convert it to VOB files when you select the option to burn a DVD and, in this format, a 4.7 gig DVD can hold about 70-80 minutes.


          I would not ask your Best Buy techie for any further advice, BTW. He apparently doesn't understand how DVDs are created.