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    InDesign Extremely Slow and Lagging


      When CC 2015 came out, I installed in right away, but was completely unable to use it. There are no error messages of any sort, but the program lags so bad it was next to impossible to work in. I've been using an old version of InDesign instead without any issue.


      So, last month I finally decided to try and get to the bottom of the lag issue and contacted Adobe Support. The response I got was that more than likely my login profile for windows (running Windows 10) was corrupt. It should work if I setup a new login account and use the program there. Well lo and behold it did! ... for all of a month


      Yesterday the program started lagging on me again under the new profile. Again no errors are shown, but when it takes 2 minutes to simply select a box, it's not usable!


      Has anyone else had and fixed this issue? Please help!


      Adobe InDesign CC 2015

      Windows 10