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    Mac Security/DriveToWriteTo

      I have already posted a "driveToWriteTo" issue in regards to the crossplatform way of dealing with this code but I have an additional issue and I wanted to attach the code and could not figure out how to do it with a reply message.

      Because of MAC security in the schools, I am unable to write to the drive with the attached code. Does anyone know how I can write a path to a folder that the program is downloaded to. This way the school techs would only have to give permission to the folder where the projector is copied to and not keep the whole computer harddive unlocked. Hope this makes sense. I have attached the very old drivetowriteto code which has gone through many programers and probably should be cleaned up. Thanks Much in advance. Maddie
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          Sounds like you might be talking about path relative operations?

          The pathName, the moviePath give the fully defined path to the folder
          containing the current director movie

          the applicationPath gives the projector location ( it's tough to test in
          quthoring environment since it then is pointing to Director app location)

          delimiter = the last char of the moviePath

          -- Does the same job as your code

          delim = getAt([":", "\"], (the platform contains "win") + 1)
          case(delim) of
          delimiter = ":"&delim
          delimiter = delim
          end case
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            maddie Level 1
            My problem is that Mac users can name their harddrive anything they want therefore I am unable to write a fully defined path. I want to write to the folder that the projector resides in. How can I edit the driveToWriteTo code to write to a document that resides in the same folder as the projector ["my MoviePath"]? Is this possible? I keep trying but KEEP getting variable not defined errors. Thanks!
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              James Newton, ACP Level 3
              You can find two methods named PathRelativeTo() and PathMakeAbsolute() in the File Manager script which you can find at http://nonlinear.openspark.com/tips/scripts/xtras/. You'll also need to download the Xtras Broker script.

              You can use these handlers to create a relative path to a given file, and to resolve that to an absolute path on the current platform and machine.