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    How much ram can Premiere Elements 14 leverage?


      So I'm looking to upgrade my computer, mostly to work with 4k video in Premiere Elements 14 (and also for 3d rendering).  I've got a new dual processor MB and will be getting used dual Xeon e5-2670 processors and used ddr3 ecc.  I can get 32 gigs for $50, or "splurge" and get 64 gigs for $100.  I don't mind spending the extra money on the ram if it will make things run a little smoother or faster.


      The last big project I worked on had about 250 gigs of media for a 2 hour video - it included multiple tracks of 4k and 2k video.  I believe Premiere Pro would take advantage of all the memory available, but I don't know if Premiere Elements has a cap of some sort and wouldn't benefit from all that ram.  Anyone know?