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    How much ram can Premiere Elements 14 leverage?

    fsdafs Level 1

      So I'm looking to upgrade my computer, mostly to work with 4k video in Premiere Elements 14 (and also for 3d rendering).  I've got a new dual processor MB and will be getting used dual Xeon e5-2670 processors and used ddr3 ecc.  I can get 32 gigs for $50, or "splurge" and get 64 gigs for $100.  I don't mind spending the extra money on the ram if it will make things run a little smoother or faster.


      The last big project I worked on had about 250 gigs of media for a 2 hour video - it included multiple tracks of 4k and 2k video.  I believe Premiere Pro would take advantage of all the memory available, but I don't know if Premiere Elements has a cap of some sort and wouldn't benefit from all that ram.  Anyone know?