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    Seeking advice on setting it up right and backing up

    rjsphd Level 1

      I had been using Lr (3) on my macbook, storing all my pictures there.  I backup with time machine to an external drive (z) and using Carbonite. It has worked for me but I am running out of internal storage on my macbook. 


      I just upgraded to Lr 6 on my macbook (2015), and will move my photos to a new external drive (a), backup to a new drive (b) and will use CrashPlan in the cloud.  I am a belt and suspenders kind of guy.


      I really could use advice on how to set this up.  My thinking is: Lr on macbook, photos on (a), time machine of macbook & (a) to (b) and backup macbook & (a) with CrashPlan.  But I have no idea if that is optimal.


      I am a purely weekend novice photographer--ease of use is pretty hi on the wish list.


      I have little doubt there is a thread or document that could direct me how to best set this up, so forgive my inability to locate it and please point me in the right direction.

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          JimHess Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          You are probably aware that when Lightroom performs a backup it is only backing up the catalog, and the catalog is just the database. You are left to your own discretion on how you should back up your image files. It appears to me that you have created a good strategy. I'm not familiar with the backup software you are using. I have heard of it all, but have not used it. I think that as long as you are confident that you have a good backup of your images, and are allowing Lightroom to back up the catalog on a regular basis then you should be in good shape.

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            whsprague Adobe Community Professional

            Lightroom does create backups of the all important catalog and they are, by default, on your computer's internal drive.  Be sure you are making routine copies of those catalog backup files somewhere.   If you lose your computer, you can reconstruct everything if you have BOTH backups of image files and backups of the catalog file.

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