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    how to render AE Comps with fields in mediaencoder

    fronkzett Level 1

      I look for the right adjustments to render a AE-Comp in Mediaencoder to get an interlaced Clip.

      In the AE-Comp I turned ON the small buttons for frameblending and motionblur, but I cant find a

      way to adjust the Comp to a interlaced View. I choose the right adjustments in Mediaencoder to get an

      interlaced Movie-File, but I see in the exportsetting-summary the right exportlistings (ME) with interlaced

      but in sourcelistings (AE) progressiv.

      Where I can adjust inderlacing for the source or in other words for the Composition I want to render?


      May it could be an all ready answered question, but I didnt found it.


      Thanks a lot for help