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    Multiple "Previews.lrdata" files

    Johnnymangosteen Level 1

      I store my catalog on a dropbox file directory that syncs to several computers. Consequently, there have been multiple instances where conflicts have occurred with the catalog being opened on both machines. Dropbox will usually create a copy of the catalog with a modified name to accommodate the catalog being open on two machines. Inevitably, lightroom will create a new previews file (.lrdata) for the catalog.


      I have since become a hawk about not ever opening the catalog on both machines at the same time. But I am now stuck with a bunch of .lrdata preview files that I am afraid to delete in case they pertain to my main catalog in some way. My files end up looking like this.


      Screen Shot 2016-04-16 at 4.04.01 PM.png

      The current catalog is called "_All Photos of all time_Current.lrcat" I am wondering which of these preview files I can delete.


      Thank you!