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    Quicktime for PC vulnerabilities and abandoned support

    banannatran Level 1

      So I'm sure many of you have heard that there are pretty significant security flaws with Quicktime in windows and Apple has no intention of providing support for this software any longer. Under any other circumstances I wouldn't look twice at a headline like that as I tend to do more video preview via VLC anyway. I do however know that Adobe Premiere and After Effects and I would imagine AME require QT to be installed for exporting and maybe even working with those video formats. This is a pretty significant issue for any post production workflow on PC, which I'm sure includes a number of users,  I hope Adobe has some way to address this that doesn't require PC users to keep vulnerable software installed, are there plans to include .mov codecs without QT player? Or does anyone know of a workaround to maintain the ability to import/export to those formats without QT installed?  I mean there aren't many reasons to maintain this dependency on a format that has become more and more exclusive to a specific platform but it is the industry standard unfortunately with regards to ProRes and this pretty much pigeon-holes the user base that doesn't buy into the Apple religion.