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    Why wont my audio play along with the video?


      When the two are put into the same composition the audio wont play along with the visual.  But if i click on it separately in the same composition it will play but there is no visual.  How can i make it where i can see the visual bu the audio still plays?


      (sorry if this is really obvious,  I just started) 

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          Szalam Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          What version of After Effects are you using and what method are you using to try to preview your composition? After Effects is not a video editing program and it behaves very differently from video editing programs.


          If you're new to AE, you really need to start here: Getting started with After Effects

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            Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

            Start here: Basic AE


            When you have spent a half hour with the basics then try again and see what happens. If your AE is un to date you and your system meets the minimum system requirements and you haven't monkeyed with the preferences without knowing what you are doing everything should work.


            If you still have problems we need a complete workflow description and a screenshot of your entire composition with the modified properties of all the layers giving you problems revealed. Just select them, press the U key twice, take a screenshot of the entire app and drag it to the reply field on this forum so we can see wha't going on in your comp.