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    rotobrush not working

    thorf27757806 Level 1

      I've been rotobrushing succesfully for many sessions. Today, I needed to "time-stretch" a clip that had been rotobrushed. After doing so, I got a prompt that said something to the affect of "frames not lined up. Change composition frame rate to 25.185". I did this, but after doing so, the rotobrush tool no longer seems to work. It is still there, I can "seem" to use it with both "+ green" and "-red", however, the strokes are not taking affect.


      I "undid" the frame-rate change and the rotobrush still doesn't work. I saved the project. Closed it. Reopened it. Still can't get the rotobrush to work.

      Not sure if I am in "glitch-land" or if I somehow disabled something...


      Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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          Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Wrong work flow.

          Best option: Rotobrush, Render a DI (digital intermediate) with an alpha chanel, then monkey with the time.


          Second best option (beware of render time increasing exponentially) Rotobrush, Pre-compose, Time stretch the pre-comp.


          I never save a comp with an active rotobrush comp in the project. I also never put anything in a rotobrush comp but the footage I'm trying to rotobrush and a temporary background to check the quality of the roto. When the roto is good I render a 10 bit or better DI with an alpha channel and delete the Rotobrush comp. It will save you tons of time in the long run. I also try and never roto more than about 10 or 20 extra frames (handles) for the shot that I'm going to use. Most of my rotobrush work is under 10 seconds. Probably about half is under 5. I just add the handles that I think may be needed so the edit can be trimmed a bit in the final cut.

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            thorf27757806 Level 1

            Thanks! Very helpful! I'm new to this and only learning from online videos.  I am discovering that my biggest weakness is "work-flow".