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    Looking to learn some things, anybody have anything to tell?


      Hello, I am a frequent user of After Effects CS6 and I am looking to move into creating high quality, paid media for companies, businesses or individuals.

      Although I have been using After Effects regularly for a long time, it has been in more of a casual entertainment type of media and obviously I have a lot to learn for this side of things.


      I know that the best work is created when somebody is passionate about what they're working for/with which is why I'd like to learn as much as I can about creating work of a Gothic style as I am in love with the style and it is very underpopulated media-wise.


      I would like to ask you guys if you would be willing to teach me/link me to tutorials to things that I will need to learn within AfterFX to become skilled and successful with creating media for businesses. (Ads, intros, etc.)


      A perfect example of something I'd like to learn how to do is something like this:

      https://www.fiverr.com/videomarketings/create-dark-mysterious-gothic-ink-effects-hd-video- with-text-for-video-marketing-purpose-service-business-commercial-product-website?context= advanced_search&context_type=rating&context_referrer=search_gigs&pos=6&funnel=5520e7fe-dfe 7-4509-96a9-2fb6a6fea2bb


      If you're not sure as to what I mean by Gothic, here are two examples of things I've made:





      What I have access to:


      After Effects CS6



      ReelSmart Motion Blur

      Sapphire Plugin pack



      DigiEffects Damage


      So to recap, I would like to learn as much as I can to create the best gothic style work there is. I am willing to put all the time and effort needed to achieve greatness.


      If any of you have any stuff you'd like to teach me/recommend that I learn (that is relevant to this), please feel free to tell me.


      Thank you all kindly for your time.

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          Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          First, bumping your thread doesn't do any good on this form. That's not the way it works.


          If you are looking for  paid work and you want to be paid well then the first thing you need to do is to understand how branding and marketing works. This has absolutely nothing to do with style. It has everything to do with creatively figuring out an effective approach to deliver a message. Just because you are  passionate about the "Gothic" style doesn't mean that is a key to a successful career in design.


          Video you posted with titles overlaid on stock footage of ink drops in water didn't tell me any kind of story. Doing that kind of a project for a client with no more thought that went into the sample footage would be worth about $20.


          Spending 50 or 100 hours researching a clients brand, position in the market, goals, philosophy and character and then translating that into a branding effort using your skills as an illustrator and designer  is easily worth thousands of dollars if you produce something that can give measurable results.


          Sorry I am not pointing you to any tutorials. I don't know what the point you to because the research you do for a client Is the only thing that will point you in the right direction for your design.


          Making videos for clients used to be a situation where if you owned a broadcast quality camera and had access to an editing station you could make a good living. Now  14-year-olds have access to tools and cameras that are better than anything we had just 10 years ago. It is fairly easy to take AE skills  and make minimum-wage or less. It requires a deep understanding of the psychology of color shape and motion and the requirements of branding  and marketing to make a living in this business. Only the incredibly lucky make a bunch of money with a cool design that they came up with for a client.


          If you are  talking art and not commercial work then this is also a case of luck, but more luck and passion and only the very lucky and passionate who have a strong sense of business and marketing make a good living as an artist.

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            Cynful Level 1

            Thank your for your input, I appreciate it.


            I am aware that research would need to be completed per client's needs and will be more than happy to spend time doing so when the time comes. However, I am far from good enough to start doing paid videos; one of the main points of this thread was to ask for help expanding and improving my skillset so I would eventually be good enough (after enough time spent learning and practising, of course).


            I was unaware that the video linked contained stock footage, but regardless, I would like to learn how said stock footage was created.


            Regarding the Gothic style; I by no means intend to work exclusively on that style, but I'd like to make that one of my strong points so I can be one of the go-to people in that underpopulated style. (Once again, I am aware that lots of time, effort and studying would be required to achieve it.)


            I can tell that you are very passionate about this type of thing, and I admire you for it.


            "Sorry I am not pointing you to any tutorials. I don't know what the point you to because the research you do for a client Is the only thing that will point you in the right direction for your design." - By the tutorials, I was hoping to learn some tricks and some more effects beforehand so that when a client asks for X effect, I can say "Sure, I know how I could make that" instead of "I'll learn how to do that and then I'll get back to you"


            So in a nutshell, I would like to learn more effects and tricks within After Effects to help me improve my skills to a professional level.


            Thank you for your time.

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              Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              The best way to learn AE is to find some video that is really effective or contains some kind of an effect that you want to emulate and download it and look at it one frame at a time. Try to figure out how things are layered and figure out the timing. Analyze where your eyes go when you watch it. Watch it full screen and in a small window. Watch it on a phone or tablet.


              The hardest part of figuring out visual effects is figuring out how many layers were used and what is going on. Most new artists use way too few layers and are ineffective with their use of blend modes. Most young designers don't understanding timing or even the basics of animation like anticipation, squash and stretch, or even velocity. The best way to learn that kind of stuff is to look at old WB or Disney cartoons. The best way to practice that kind of stuff is to take your cell phone and shoot yourself or a kid acting out something and hamming it up. When I do dynamic text animations I'll often film myself waving my arms around while reciting the copy with my hands representing the words that are flying around the screen. It's the same way Disney animators took a 16mm camera and filmed themselves acting out scenes so they could properly time their animations.


              If you want good tutorials on technique I would try Video Co-pilot, Lynda.com, and Total Training. They will give you a good starting point. Watch out for YouTube videos from amateurs. You need to vet your training. More than half the YouTube AE tutorials I watch promote inefficient workflows and habits that will lead you down dead end alleys.


              BTW, that stock footage is just ink dropped in an aquarium and shot with a camera at a higher than normal frame rate. There is a white background and good lighting. If you were to do that kind of effect using a liquid simulation program in a 3D app you could easily spend days rendering it. Fluid simulation plug-ins and apps are outrageously expensive. RealFlow Home http://petapixel.com/assets/uploads/2015/05/furyroadvfx4.jpg