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    "No network connection" error

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      Can someone please help me with this issue?  I have a Samsung Galaxy s6 android phone, and recently had to install the latest software update. Ever since the update, Adobe Acrobat Reader has not been working; I had no problems prior to this update a few weeks ago. When I try to open a pdf file from the Internet, I get an error message that says "No network connection. Please check Internet connection." The Internet is connected, and I have tried connecting both through the phone data and my home WiFi. Can anyone offer a solution to this? I've tried the few things I can think of, such as checking that Javascript is enabled and restarting the phone, but nothing has worked. I'm not the most technologically savvy (I usually know enough to fix the few problems I encounter, but this issue is baffling me), so please explain as simply and with as much detail as possible. I appreciate any help that anyone can provide.

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          Thanks for reporting this issue, we are aware of this issue, as a workaround you can try downloading the PDF using some any other 3rd party file explorer on your mobile, and then can open the PDF using  Adobe Acrobat.



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            Same issue. Are you saying that I am better to ditch Adobe and the PDF files i use that let my apprentices sign forms while in remote locations and use MS Word documentation that i can simply upload to my main desk top on my return to my office?

            I have my PDF's on a Kindle Fire HD which is ideal for getting a signature. This worked well until today after returning from a 250 mile round trip to find i can't upload to the cloud as I have "no internet connection" in my home, or work.


            Not the best company policy to promote 3rd Party apps because Adobe is now unworkable. I see there is a mountain of issues reported against your product.


            Everything is updated now and i can't even sign in to my account from the App as i apparently have no internet connection.


            Poor show Adobe, looks like Uncle Bill will get my vote for a workable product. Just means i have to spend my time making Word Documents from my PDF ones..... from scratch!