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    Lightroom 3 .cr2 files unreadable


      I went to import some photos in lightroom 3 and only 1 of the photos was readable. A message popped up saying that the camera is not supported. I checked in photoshop, still unreadable. The only change I could think of from the last time I opened lightroom is deleting some programs- DaVinci Resolve, RedCine-X, and ShotPut Pro.


      I'd like to move my lightroom and CS5 to another laptop, but I don't have the serial numbers and someone on the Adobe chat support wanted me to go through  5 years of bank statements to show proof of purchase and contact stores to somehow get a receipt from them. I thought I had registered lightroom, but i guess not. Am I out of luck?

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          ssprengel Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          If you have activated CS5 and licensed LR 3 on your current computer then you should be able to use Help  / Register to upload the serial numbers to Adobe, and then go to Adobe’s website and look up  your serial numbers.

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            WobertC Adobe Community Professional

            If you have Lightroom 3 installed and working you may be able to find the Serial key-

            In Windows systems it was stored- (Apple Macs may be similar)

            • Windows Registration data is located in the {C:/ProgramData/Adobe/Lightroom/Lightroom 3.0 Registration.lrreg} file.
            • Open this .lrreg file with a text editor to read the Serial Number.


            Edit: I am running LR-CC2015.5  and I can still find my Serial Numbers for LR4 and LR5 in the folder as above!