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    Ai files


      I'm a new member coming from OnedollarPhoto.com. I like to use vectors and illustrations but they seems to only be ai files. How do I get JPEG's?

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          Brad Lawryk Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Uncheck the 'Vector' check box on your if you don't want .ai files. You will still get illustrations though as jpg.


          There is no such thing as a jpg vector.

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            ang1e0251 Level 1

            Thanks. I guess I don't really understand about images.  When I would buy any of these from OneDollarPhoto, I would get an image file of any kind and I could use it as it was. This seems more complicated.

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              BarbBinder Adobe Community Professional

              The beauty of the .ai files is that once you make the leap and learn the basics of Illustrator, you can easily modify the vector illustrations.



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                ang1e0251 Level 1

                Well, I just wanted to use it in my blog post.  I ended up using a free converter I Googled. It seems like you should have the option of the type of file.  If you want to use Illustrator, you could use it as an ai but for those of us who don't need to, an offer of a basic file would be helpful.