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    How to editing draw on video?


      I just create my computer technique course so i have to record my screen computer. I have show my IP address on browser in that video. Now I want to use brush, draw on my video for hide it. How to do that with adobe after effectcs6? please tell tutorial step by step. and if have any video tutorial, please let me know.

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          Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          If you are just trying to hide the address in a browser window then you would just create a solid or a mask over that area and use blur or a shape to cover it up. You could even type in some fake text. It's all layers. If your shot is more than 10 seconds long then this kind of thing is best done in Premiere Pro. You can layer there just fine and the learning curve is a lot shorter.

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            jamesc62249348 Level 1

            Can you tell me what's the Premiere Pro tutorial for my problem? just like I take screen shot on my computer ( in my computer course, too), it easy to use brush draw on photo to hide my ip, in 1 minute. but this is a video, I want to do the use brush to draw for hide it, like this : 2016-04-14_13-57-27.png

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              Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              Open Premiere Pro.


              Add your video to the project.


              Create a sequence from your video


              Open the sequence.


              Go to the part in the video where you want to hide the line and then either add the write on effect or add a new color matte that is about the right size to hide the info on the screen.


              This is an extremely basic technique. If you are not familiar enough with Premiere Pro or After Effects to figure out how to add a layer or add an effect then you need to go to the product hope page for the products and click the learn and support button at the top left and spend a half hour or more learning how the programs work. Pointing you to a tutorial that specifically covers exactly what you are trying to do is going to be difficult. Learning the basics of layering and write on or paint effects is easy.


              Another option would be to take a screenshot of your browser just like the one you included, take that into photoshop. Use that for the background and then paint out the sensitive material in Photoshop by painting on a new layer, then delete the background and just add the PSD to your PPro or AE project and put it on top of the video. EZ as pie if you understand layers.


              BTW, My screen capture program and every one I have ever used allows me to create overlays, blur certain areas, make notations and do a bunch of other things when I edit the screen cap. I'd be surprised if you couldn't do most of what you want to do right inside your screen capture app.