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    Dakuwan Level 1
      I am attempting to use cfhttp to make a call to an SSL encrypted URL. I am recieving the following cfdump when i attempt to connect.

      Charset [empty string]
      ErrorDetail I/O Exception: peer not authenticated
      Filecontent Connection Failure
      Header [undefined struct element]
      Mimetype Unable to determine MIME type of file.
      struct [empty]
      Statuscode Connection Failure. Status code unavailable.
      Text YES

      I am able to successfully reach this URL through my development environment (coldfusion developer edition server) with no issues, on my production machine i get the above error. Every reference i can find on the web is that the keystore does not have the required certificates installed. I know this is not the issue because i have never done this on my development environment where it works with no issues. However, to rule out the possibility i have used the keytool to import both certificates on the website i am attempting to connect to into the certificate store and still have the above cfdump. Also I have taken the certificate store from my development environment and replaced the one on my production machine with no change in the results either.

      I am at a complete impasse at this point. I could really use some assistance. Both servers are Coldfusion 7.