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    addition problem - is actionscript/flash able to calculate correctly????


      I am adding two float numbers that return an incorrect result. Here is what I am doing...

      var simpleMath:Number = Number(parseFloat("110.50")) - Number(parseFloat("107.10"));
      alert("Simple Math=" + String(simpleMath));

      The result I get is... Simple Math=3.40000000000001

      How is this possible?
      I have tried...
      var simpleMath:Number = Number(110.50) - Number(107.10);

      var simpleMath:Number = 110.50 - 07.10;

      var numba:Number = 110.50;
      var numbb:Number = 107.10;
      var simpleMath:Number = numba - numbb;

      They all give the same result...

      When I try this:
      Final_Payment.text = Number(Total_Payment_Due.text) - ((Number(Payment_Count.text) - 1) * Number(Payment_Amount.text));
      Where Total_Payment_Due.text = 110.50 and Payment_Count.text = 36 and Payment_Amount.text = 3.06
      I get this result: 3.39999999999999...

      Can someone please tell me what I am going wrong. Or is there problem with actionscript/flash...

      I am using Cold Fusion 7.0.1 and actionscript inside a Flash Form savecontent variable.

      This is driving me crazy...

      Also, is there a round function for floats? I know about the Math.round() but it only works on integers.

      Any help would be extreemly appreciated!
      Thanks in advance,