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    Saving the JS-Code




      I have been developping JS in Adobe Acrobat until now in the way that I have written the code in a textfile and then pasted it into the JS-Debugger until I encounter the problem that the debugger environment has a limited space for the code to be pasted into it.


      If the code is very long you get the error: "the text is too long and cannot be displayed in this dialog field".


      So I would like to overcome the issue and want to save my code an then load it into JS and Acrobat respectively.


      Another point is that I think I cannot write the code in JS- debugger in a structured manner, so an external edito would help, but again I have the same problem that I do not know how to run a code by loading it into acrobat.


      I wopuld be very greatful for any help.