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    Importing Alpha Channel into Flash 8 using Final Cut Pro Express HD

      hey all...

      i know this is a Flash forum, but this problem is really getting to me.

      ok, I have a .dv file that I key out in Fincal Cut Express HD. I then Export in Final Cut Express using Quick Time Conversion and selecting the FLV format. I make sure to check the "Encode Alpha Channel" button and then I export it.
      When I bring it into Flash 8, I have solid black where there should be transparency in the video. Here are the steps I am using:

      1. Import the .dv file in Final Cut Express HD
      2. Apply 4:1:1 smoothing
      3. Chroma Keyer
      4. 8-Point Garbage Matte
      5. Render Video and Audio
      6. Export as .flv with "Encode Alpha Channel" checked
      7. Import the .flv into Flash 8
      8. Place instance on the stage

      Where am I going wrong?

      Any help would be greatly appreciated. I did get this to work one time, but the next day no luck.