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    InDesing and epub



      I cannot get my table of contents created in InDesign look the same in the .epub. It does not leave the tab space between the title and the page number but puts them together without any tab nor space. Does anybody know the answer?

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          kglad Adobe Community Professional & MVP
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            Willi Adelberger Most Valuable Participant

            Tabs are general a problem in EPUB as HTML does not support tab characters. There are some workarounds as it is done with numbered list, which are working fine on some readers on others not.

            But when it comes to a Table Of Content I would recommend to make a TOC style without page numbers. They make no sense in an EPUB (except an EPUB with fixed layouts, as there is this issue not a problem anyway). The correct page number for the reader depends on:

            1. Device size
            2. Font size, which can the user change at any time
            3. Available fonts, not every font can be embedded and often you will not embed the font due to file size issues.
            4. How the reader uses his device: portrait or landscape

            I think for EPUB it is better to use a TOC without numbers.

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              helin44040660 Level 1

              Hello kglad,


              Thank you so much for this enlightening advise. How didn't I come to think about it myself? :-)

              I am very very grateful. I have been struggling with the problem for long and now I see that in fact it is useless to put the page numbers there. I even asked Adobe's support and wonder why they did not give me this simple answer.


              All the best



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                helin44040660 Level 1

                Thank you - that is so true!!!