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    AS3 Slideshow control with Keyboard

    MoD_Andy Level 1

      Hi all,


      I'm pretty much new to AS3 and Im struggling with some AS3 to control a slideshow.


      I currently have this...


      function mouseClicked(ev:MouseEvent):void {
      function keyPressed(ev:KeyboardEvent):void {
       if (ev.keyCode==32) {
      function nextframe() {
       if (this.currentFrame<this.totalFrames) {
       } else {
        trace("End of Slide Show");


      Which seem to work OK, on click of mouse or spacebar, root timeline skips to next frame which contains a movieClip of a slide which plays and stops, and so on.


      Basically what I'd like to add is the ability to go back a frame on say the press of the delete keep and if possible the ability to go direct to each slide with the press of a number key. ie. press 3 to jump direct to slide 3, press 6 to go to 6 etc. which I gather would target frame labels.


      Thanks in advance