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    Multiple buttons

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      Hello, I know very little about scripting. I made a swf with a button so
      that when it is pressed an mp3 file is streamed and another button is
      loaded. When this button is pressed the sound stops. The go button is in
      frame one and the stop button is in frame 2. It works but the problem is
      I want to have multiple buttons on the same webpage each playing a
      different mp3 file. Using onSoundComplete and stopAllSounds I worked out
      how to avoid having two mp3s playing simultaneously. The problem is that
      if a second mp3 is started before the first has finished streaming the
      stop button remains rather than returning back to the go button.
      Probably my whole approach is wrong. How can I both stop the sound and
      return a swf to its beginning state if another swf button is pressed?


      Chris (Hunt)