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    printing bullet points

      I am creating web help projects using RoboHelp X5.0.2.

      I have created several custom styles that use graphical bullet points. The graphics are GIF, size 24 x 14 pixels (w x h).

      My problem is that while the bullets appear fine in print preview and on screen, when a topic is printed the bullets do not appear on the page. I have added the GIFs as baggage files but this makes no difference. If I switch the styles to use the built-in bullet points instead of GIFs, they print fine.

      What am I doing wrong?
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          CraigCC Level 2
          Hi Googun,

          I had a similar problem a few weeks ago.
          On investigation, the graphic (gif format) that was being used for the bullet point had a colour transparency value set (it was set the a value in the pallet entry). Once this was modified - i.e. set to 'No Transparency' the bullet graphic printed absolutely fine.

          Not sure which graphics application you have access to. As a guidance, in paintshop pro, you can modify the transparency value via the Colours menu - select the Set Palette Transparency option.

          Hope that helps