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    App crashing instead of filling


      I have an IPad Pro 128 and a pencil... Adobe Draw is getting slower and slower when I try to fill and now crashes every time after 10 min of waiting for it to fill. I need this for an assignment so can you help me quickly?



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          Sue Garibaldi Adobe Employee (Admin)

          Hi Tina,


          I think I responded to you through the in-app feedback but your question is a bit different here, so I  wanted to also respond here....


          Filling can be slow in a complicated drawing (although, the app shouldn't crash, and you shouldn't have to cancel out because it's taking so long).


          A couple other things:

          * Filling only considers the current layer, so if you limit the complexity of each layer that should cut down on the required fill-time.

          * You're long-pressing (pressing-and-holding) inside the shape, right? (Make sure you're not just tapping.)

          * Is it a closed shape? In order for fill to work, the shape has to be closed; even a small opening will disable the feature.


          Let me know what you find.