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    Issues with playing back DVDs made with APE14


      The program appears to work well.




      When I make a DVD (AVCHD format)  the disc will play back on a DVD / Blue Ray player connected to a T.V as expected.

      But put the disc into a computer and the computer reads the disc is read like a standard storage device (windows explorer type windows)

      and will not play it with any program I throw at it. (Have tried 2 computers)

      Windows media player can't read the disc, DVD power 10 wont read it either.


      The only way to get it to play is to dig through the files and find the actual video file and double click to open it.


      Basically computer can't auto play the DVD, but the DVD player can.... oddly the DVD player is older than the PC.


      (Using windows 7, 64 bit. core i7.

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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          First, know that when you put an AVCHD file on a DVD it is no longer a DVD. It is actually a BluRay file -- it's just on a DVD disc. So you can play it in most (but not all) BluRay players but it will not play in a DVD player.


          In fact, if your computer has a DVD drive and not a BluRay drive, you will not be able to play it in your disc drive either. Is the drive in your computer a BluRay drive or a DVD drive?


          Finally, I'd recommend you download the excellent free VLC Media Player and set it up as your primary video and disc player. Not only is it much more versatile than Quicktime or Windows Media Player, but the video looks better on it too. If you've got it set up as your disc media player, you have a BluRay drive and you've got your drive set up for Auto Play, it should play your BluRay or AVCHD discs as soon as you put them in your drive.