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    Creating ID template from external application


      Hi All,


      I am new to InDesign , so my apologies for any layman question in advance.

      I plan to create a InDesign template in InDesign Server programmatically from an external application. External application which would be feeding a XML to InDesign server as a input. This template along with content would then need to be converted into pdf.

      Need to understand the following:-

      1. What should be invoked by the external application : - InDesign Server webservice or API

      2.  Do I need to write some script in InDesign server(as I read some blogs and article) to covert this template into pdf. If yes, can you please share the name of the javascipt file to be modified or am I missing something.  Kindly share any article detailing this out.


      Kindly share you views on the same



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          Loic.Aigon Adobe Community Professional

          Basically InDesign Server has two main doors. The SOAP one and the command line one. So depending on your environment you will either target the server through SOAP specifying which script is to be run and with which arguments.

          Command line implies that you either use the provided sampleclient or build your own utility and pass the necessary arguments.

          Everything is explained in details in the docs, so you should consider downloading the InDesign Server SDK and start reading the manuals