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    Photos Disappear in LR Mobile?


      I use LR mobile all the time for editing photos on my Galaxy S5. I add photos that are on my phone to my "Lightroom Mobile" collection in the LR app on my phone. I usually see them all imported and then begin doing edits. However, at some point, some photos here and there will disappear from the collection in LR mobile. I have thought maybe I deleted them, so I try to add the photos again. When I do that, nothing happens. The blue progress bar at the top just flashes like the import completed in a flash, but the photos did not import. It's like the photos are already there, and LR mobile won't add them because they are duplicates, but I never get any type of message. I have sync turned off, so these are just photos added, edited and saved on my phone. I have thought that maybe I rated or rejected the photos by accident while scrolling through them with my thumb, but when I try to filter the photos, there are 0 in all of the other categories. All of my photos appear under the "unflagged" category, and I always use the "show all" filter. Am I missing something here? Does anyone else have problems with photos disappearing from their phone in the LR mobile app, and then not being able to add them again? Please help me solve this issue!