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    Drag a clip in to a Premier Pro panel




      I am investigating writing HTML5 panels for Adobe Premiere Pro 2015.

      I am educating myself and working my way through the samples using Eclipse and the Adobe Extension Builder 3 plugin.

      I am looking for an example of how you drag a clip from Premiere Pro in to a panel and have it register the information regarding the clip.

      I have seen examples of dragging from a panel in to the main Premiere Pro interface but not the other way round.

      Is it possible in that direction?


      Does anyone have some sample code?





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          Bruce Bullis Adobe Employee

          Not sure where you found those old, old instructions, but we should really delete them or visibly mark them as obsolete.


          Step 1: Delete Eclipse and Extension Builder. [Optional; say "Good riddance!" while doing so.]

          Step 2: Find the current PProPanel sample here, and instructions on how to set up a panel dev system here.


          Dragging TO a panel, from PPro, is not supported; dragging FROM a panel is, and dragging from the OS to the panel is.