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    Process appears to be stuck or asleep?

    SeanLapointe Level 1

      Since I upgraded from ES2.5 to ES4 this summer, I have been running into a strange problem about once or twice a month where a user completes a task, but the task just seems to sit in limbo, doing nothing. If I check the process in the Admin UI (Admin UI -> Services -> LiveCycle Process Management ES ->Process Search ->Process Instance ->Process Instance Detail) it shows that the Operation is 'Running', but if i drill down to the task itself, it says that it was 'Completed'. I haven't taken any screenshots of this behaviour, but the screen shots in this post from 5 years ago shows the same behaviour: https://forums.adobe.com/message/3729169


      I will note that this seems to happen during a lull in our operations. The most recent time this occurred was around 5:30 PM on Friday (typically, the system stops being used around 5:00 PM). The user clicked the complete button on their form and the task appeared to complete as usual, however it did not move on to the next operation. Fast forward to 1:03PM on Saturday and the task finally decided to move on to the next task and make its way to the next user.


      Is there:

      • Anything I can do that will make a process continue when I notice that it is stuck in this manner?
      • Any way I can identify when this is happening (since I never know until someone tells me their task never made it to the next stage)?
      • Prevent this from happening in the first place?


      (I read the suggestions in the discussion linked above and Terminating the task is not a viable option)