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    Cannot see highlights or shading in PDF document


      Help!! I am not able to see any shading or highlights in my documents. I am using Adobe Acrobat Pro XI on a PC.


      NOTE: These are editable text documents, not scanned images. I have used this program for years with no issues until a couple weeks ago.


      There are tables in my documents in which the headings have a light green background; these are not visible. If I make editing remarks, the highlight tool will create an outline but nothing visible. Similarly, if I had a comment, it is simply a white box with the comment icon - it used to be yellow.


      I have searched the internet high and low with no answers. I have repaired the program with the install disc (and checked for updates) and still do not have a fix!! If I open the documents on another computer, even with Reader, then everything is visible on the page.


      I am the editor of a nationwide journal and this is making my job VERY difficult.


      Please help!!!