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    How to Migrate from Adobe Edge to Animate


      Hi, for the past several years, I've built up a small part time business creating html 5 interactives with Adobe Edge.  Edge was my first dive into HTML 5. I have no prior experience in Web or HTML 5.  I was really shocked to find out they are discontinuing Edge. It will likely affect the business I have built up. I decided to download the new Animate with the idea of starting tutorials so that when the time comes, I could jump over.  This seemed to be the direction to take from Adobe. However, after downloading and kicking the tires, I'm completely lost and feel that the simplistic nature of Edge has been replaced with a BEAST of a program.


      Perhaps I'm wrong. Which brings me to my question. I'm wondering if anyone has come across or created a set of tutorials to help Edge users migrate over to Animate?  Are there any Edge users who've successfully migrated and was it easier than it looks? What resources or tutorials did you use to successfully switch?