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    PreLoader is Working Intermittantly

      My work in progress is here: http://servinitup.net/bull/master.swf

      Click on a button at the bottom, a preLoader shoud do it's think, and then a movie loads into _level5.

      Click all three buttons, preLoader works fine. Now go back to the first, and nothing works! the movie loads,
      but no preload info shows up. Also, refresh the browser window, and the initial preLoader still has the dummy text
      i inserted on the stage, not the dynamic text showing percentage info.

      Even though the each movie has now been downloaded, there should be some blip that show me my preLoader is working, right? And it's very weird that when I refresh my browser, clear cache and everything, how the logic for the preLoader stops working.

      What's up with that?
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          kglad Adobe Community Professional & MVP
          you have a (or several) coding error(s).
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            Kevin_Favro Level 1
            Hahah, I'll say!

            Would you mind taking a look at the .fla?

            They are here: http://servinitup.net/bull/files/

            You probably only need to look at master.fla, which sets up the MCL and listener, and has the logic for the PreLoader, and main.fla, which houses the 3 main buttons i'm working with.

            It would be greatly appreciated, as I've now spent three days trying to get this to work! I know it's probably simple, but for a newbie like me, it's halting everything. Thanks!
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              kglad Adobe Community Professional & MVP
              i have to go to work but i'll check it later. one error that sometimes causes problems is to add your listener (addListener) before the onLoadInit() onLoadProgress() statements (add it after those statements) and the 2nd error is to use onLoadComplete() when you should use onLoadInit().
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                Kevin_Favro Level 1
                thanks! I tried what you said, but that didn't seem to have any effect on it.

                the end goal here is to have a stop() action on the first frame of my three sub-movies, the music section, films section, and editing section (all on _level5). then, when a user clicks a button, it loads the movie, using the movieClipLoader class, (which runs the preLoader, since there is a listener event attached) and after the movie has fully downloaded, then _level5 is instructed to play(). Something is seriously wrong with my preloader, cause it doesn't always get to the play() part, so my music.swf just stops on the first frame!

                I'm interested to hear what you have to say!

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                  kglad Adobe Community Professional & MVP
                  you're going to have in issue with the fact that you're using the same listener for two simultaneous downloads. if you only want your listener to display info for your non-preloader load you should add a conditional statement in your onLoadProgress handler.

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                    Would it work if he were to say add an additional keyframe to the beggining of each sections .swf and add the loader bar there with the listener and load coding that would move to the next frame (eg. the sections current first frame) and just add a _visible = flase when loading is complete? That way the bar would be imbedded into each section.
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                      Kevin_Favro Level 1
                      I.M.P - I think that could work, but what I'm trying for is to be able to create my MCL, and then any time I load a .swf using that instance of the MCL, the preLoader will load automatically until loading is complete. The way you suggested, I'd have to go into to every .swf that I wanted to be loaded in and add that specifically. The way I'm trying will respond dynamically whenever I use the instance of MCL with the listener.

                      kglad - sorry, i didn't see your post until today...thanks for the advice. It's still not really working...now when it starts up, the preLoader stays on it's first frame, and doesn't load at all when I click the buttons. I'm trying to follow code from a book I just finished. Here's the code:

                      In that example, they're using myMCL to load both clips, but it still works correctly?

                      I don't know, I feel lost. Maybe I'll start over and work this from the ground up, because nothing seems to be working correctly. Could this have anything to do with the fact that I've inherited this file, which was originally created with flash 4? My export options are all to flash 8, but could it just be buggy because of it's foundation of flash 4?

                      Thanks for you help guys, keep the suggestions coming!!
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                        kglad Adobe Community Professional & MVP
                        using the same moviecliploader for more than 1 simultaneous download is not a problem. it's using the same listener for simultaneous downloads that's going to give you uneven results.

                        as the listener updates the load progress of each target_mc, unless you check if target_mc is _level50, your preloaderInfo1.text (for example) it is going to reflect the download progress of all movieclips currently being loaded.

                        if you only want to display the download progress for your _level5 swf insert the conditional statement i gave above.