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    Can't scale in new version




      I haven't used the newer versions of AE in a while. I just imported a project that was from last year. For some reason I can't click items like I could before and scale them down. I can use right click and transform and scale down using the % but sometimes I like to move and scale manually. I'm not able to click any elements like the logo etc.


      Did something get locked? Any hints would be awesome!


      Also, for a Kickstarter video does anyone know what resolution I should start in? 720x480 ?



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          Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          To scale something you either select the layer in the comp panel and then drag the corners or you reveal the scale property of the layer and edit the values. You need to review the basics. It looks like you have View layer controls turned off in the layer menu.


          Unless you have a specific need for a smaller video you should not work in anything less than HD. I would choose HDTV 1920 X 1080 @ 29.97 fps for all my work as a starting point. You should make sure that you use the standard presets for your comps and make sure that you have not picked a template that is non square pixels.

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            grogbro Level 1

            That was it, thanks Rick! I am not sure how that got turned off, but I am very much a novice at AE. Zbrush is more my game!


            It seems like the Kickstarter videos get spit out at 680x382, but that's just from me taking a screenshot and sizing up the video box. I am wondering if it's fine for me to use 720x480 since they seem to scale it down anyways?


            Also, my video right now is at 640x480. Is there any good way to scale the entire thing?