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    CC and a Developer


      On my Creative Cloud licence, can I invite my developer to use PhoneGap?

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          Chris W. Griffith Adobe Community Professional

          I assume you are referring to PhoneGap Build. From the docs:


          Under the Apps tab, press the name of the app.


          In the resulting panel, select the Collaborators tab.


          Press Add a Collaborator, supplying an email address, and specifying a role.


          The recipient will need to set up a PhoneGap Build account, keyed to an AdobeID. Any recipient who accepts the invitation can view the same application in the PhoneGap Build interface. Each role brings different privileges:


          Testers can only download the app.


          Developers can modify the code or rebuild the app. They may delete the app, manage signing keys, or add other collaborators.


          At any point, you may Edit to change the role, or Delete the collaborator from the project

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