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    TWITCH Plugin giving me a hard time - need help with worldwide project!




      I've recently downloaded the Twitch Plugin from Video Copilot. I'm aware now that this plugin has had issues. For me, the issue is that when I add the effect it instantly stops my work from being rendered. If I render my videos without it, it renders just fine. Sometimes, it will render, most of the time it won't. Even if I start from scratch it won't render the same footage with the effect, as though it has memorized the same footage from before. There is nothing wrong with my footage; its just MOV files I've converted from my video camera to be supported by AE.


      I'm using AE cs5.5, and I've got a brand new Macbook Pro. I've already made plenty of projects that rendered. Its only when I add the Twitch Effect. I'm creating 15 second long promotional videos for a film I helped create that's being distributed worldwide via Best Buy and my manager needs these videos asap. He has requested the Twitch effect to be a part of it, so as you can see this is quite frustrating. I'm only using the twitch effect and the ellipse effect, then feathering the edges to give the footage a cool look around the edges.


      If anyone can help me with some kind of cure I would VERY much appreciate it. I've tried a few fix-it-yourself things available via internet such as taking the video component for Quicktime out and copying it to the desktop while deleting the one in the folder for plugins. I've reinstalled the program multiple times.





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