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    Clarification request - APSB16-10




      I am a patch admin for a fortune 1000 company and need to make sure I'm getting this right.  In the Adobe Security Bulletin 4/7/16 for APSB16-10 it states that:

      Adobe Security Bulletin


      "Adobe is aware of reports that CVE-2016-1019 is being actively exploited on systems running Windows 10 and earlier with Flash Player version and earlier."


      A little further down it also states: "Adobe recommends users of the Adobe Flash Player Extended Support Release should update to version".


      We are on the Extended Support Release version of Flash and are currently patching up to version  However, this version is prior to and my understanding is that it is still vulnerable to ransomware attacks according to the prior statement.


      Can I please get an affirmation on whether or not version is vulnerable to ransomware as reported in CVE-2016-1019?


      Thanks in advance for your time.  Any advice is greatly appreciated.

      - Michael Babb