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    Flash 8 - Uploading large files

      My comments on Flash Upload: It is completely pre-mature technology and I strongly suggest not using it in production environment.
      After having it in production for couple of weeks I must pull it down. Upload works great when you upload small files, but whenever you try to upload large files (up to 100MB) there is no guarantee that upload completes. I get complaints from my customers every day! - 10 to 20% uploads throws an IOerror sometime during the upload - it's ridiculous!
      When I test it, I can upload a 30MB file couple of times without a problem, but on the next try it errors out (IOerror)- there is no rule on when or how it happens. BTW, I tried to find any info on IOerror and how to recover from it...no luck!
      So if you are using it for website image uplod...go ahead - works like a charm; but for a serious application use: stay away!