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    Issues launching Lightroom 6 (not CC) in Windows 10, can anyone help?

    lanak17826051 Level 1

      Purchased Lightroom 6 on the 13th of April (5 days ago).   Downloaded and seemed to install without any problems.  Upon Launching however, I get a windows pop up that says Lightroom must close.  I can't get any further than the splash screen.  Have spent several hours uninstalling, rebooting computer, and then  re installing, both on my own, and with help from the Adobe Chat area to no avail.  Have attempted to find answers here in the forums, but have given up looking as this is organized like a slice of Crazy Pie...  I am regretting the purchase and the level of support (as there seems to be none... Chat is a Joke and there are NO phone numbers).


      Looking forward to see if anyone can help me sort this issue out here in the forums as this seems to be the ONLY option available.  I haven't a clue if I am posting this in the correct area or not.

        Thank you in advance.