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    ShowHelp for a CHM file

      We have the following code in our vb.net application:

      Help.ShowHelp(Me, _strHelpFile, "Admin Functions")

      How do I set the CHM file in RoboHelp so that it will come up on our Admin Functions Topic? If I take off the last parameter of the showhelp, our CHM file comes up fine, but when we put it in we get a Page Not Found.


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          Welcome to the forums. You can set your desired toipic as the default topic in the RH project settings but it would be better to call the topic specifically from ShowHelp. I'm not familiar with Help.ShowHelp and a quick perusal of msdn wasn't very helpful on the "navigator" syntax but you might want to try using the file name (e.g. "AdminFunctions.htm" instead of the the topic name).